For smart sustainable carpooling solution to improve work-home commute, reduce traffic and save environment

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About Us


Because we are committed to build a smart and responsible community where everyone is benefited and work towards a better tomorrow.


We bring you a solution with an impeccable blend of technology and carpooling for your daily commute problems. Cloudacar will provide you a one-stop solution for your transportation requirements. For Corporates, Citizens or any events we have blended a perfect combination of features keeping in mind the preferences of people.


Not just money and time but fuel and our environment.

About Us

We Offer

Company Carpooling

Find your colleagues and co-workers for carpooling or rideshare program within your organization for work-to-home commute and business trip management.

Municipality Carpooling

Find your co-passengers near you or build your own community and share your ride. Bring down your expenses and travel time.


Let it be any event, find who's going and pool your car or share your ride with others.

Unique Features

Benefits of Cloudacar

Company Carpooling

Protect the planet for generation next

Using CAC reduces harmful carbon emissions, bring down global warming. It saves natural resources leaving greener planet for the next generation.

Municipality Carpooling

Enrich your travel experience

Collectively Upgrade from tiresome public transport to comfort of a car without spending extra. Using CAC collectively reduces traffic, driving efforts and enhance travelling experience of community.

Company Carpooling

Cloud your car & save your money

Save average 50K annually. Regular car sharing not only makes your home-office commuting almost free but also earns you more.

Municipality Carpooling

Power Of Network

CAC brings in like-minded people from various professional background together to benefit from the networking.


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